LEDLED PAR LAMP      LINX LPL-64AZ-260F (Waterproof IP65)

This Product is replacement 4 in 1 full-color LED lamp module for Par64. It can be similer light beam of old halogen par-light.

Using 6 lens combination for perfect mix color and natural effect light with core.







1.Input AC Power                  AC 90-260V 50-60Hz

2.Power Consumption          260W

3.Waterproof                          IP65 class

4.Zoom Angle                        Motor drive & Hand drive

5.LED Light source               4 in 1 RGBW Single light source

6.LCD Display                       Back light control display

7.Strobo                                 0-20Hz DMX control

8.DMX diming control           DMX 0-255 ( 0-65535 16bit )

9.Dimming Curve                  3 type dimming curve can be select

10.Control                              DMX512 (4 - 8ch mode)























Product Size :              R204mm x 345mm(L)             Product Weight :                     3.05kg













RGBW LED Wave length Data

R: 625.7nm  1414K (Color Temperature)

G: 520.1nm  8474K (Color Temperature)

B: 455.3nm 100000K (Color Temperature)

W: 494.0nm  6151K (Color Temperature)








Zoom Angle: 16- 53 DMX control